The Production plant is closed.  Viewing by appointment ONLY.  All COVID-19 protocols to be followed.  All equipment is sold as is.  Buyer to dismantle and ship. Call Laurie at 905-332-5547 ext 100 for ALL enquiries.  50% deposit and 50% final payment due upon removal.


Terzago -  Block Cutter / Bridge Saw RTE 40 EL TF2000 - 2004 PRICE: $62,500
Primary bridge saw with max blade diameter 2000mm. Longitudinal blade stroke 4000mm. Vertical blade stroke 1000mm. Bridge translation 8000mm. Max cutting depth 800mm.  Very low hours (2904). Software and table upgrades available from Terzago. Currently in use.
Marc Prevost  Machine - SIAX200 PLC Terzago Part 2016 - included in price
Terzago - PLC + Touch Screen QEM for RTE2000 2016 - included in price
Terzago - new screen 2017 - included in price.
Extra picture: PANEL
Hydrovane Compressor 88 Series
Hydrovane 88 Series - 2005 with 28408 Hours. Fully operationnal, used for back up

Hydrovane 88 Series Model 218 - early 90's with 63182 hours. Currently in use. 

click here for the equipment plate 218 details!   PRICE: $7,000

Exra Pictures: Hyrovane 218 back view

Antonio Mantello - Polisher - MT2 Levigatrice - 1998   PRICE: $15,300
Fully operational.  Includes table and variety of pads.  
Ital Mecc - Air 3 model stainless steel bivalent dust purifier - 2014  PRICE: $2,500
Overall dimensions: purifying unit 120 x 112 x 237mm 600 kg. Suction Nozzle overall dimensions 200 x 150 mm 100 kg. Suction nozzle 100 x 60 mm 30 kg. Air intake 9000 m/h. Dust elimination 95%. Noise 75 decibels. 
Extra Pictures: PANELPIC 2
Ital Marmi via Eastern Marble -  Air 4 Model Stainless Steel Bivalent Dust Purifiers (2) - 2000 & 2001 PRICE: $3,000
Purifying Unit overall dimensions - LXDXH 120x112x237, 600 kg; Suction Unit Motor 7.5 HP,230 V 3 PH with neutral,  Suction nozzle overall dimensions LxH 200 x 150, 100 kg and nozzle 2 overall dimensions LxH  100 x 60, 30kg; Air Intake 9,000 m3/ hr., Dust Elimination 95%, Noise level 75 Decibels. Working order. Parts or scrap value.
V Series Portable Dust Collector - Modle VP - with two articulating arms PRICE: $7,500
United Air Specialists, Inc. V Series 1500 CFM dust collector system eliminates dust, smoke and powders from a variety of manufactuing operations.  This cartridge collector serves as a portable source capture system (VP). The V Series ensures quiet operation with its unique acoustic sound attenuation. Quieter than other dust collectors, this versatile cartridge dust collector keeps sound levels below 82 dBA, under the industry standard.
Extra Pictures: PIC 1
ABB via Torbram - Safety Fencing for saws - 2015  PRICE: TBD
N.R. Murphy - Model XA Extraction Arms for Dust Extractor (8 arms total) - 2016  PRICE: $7,000
Self supporting joints, flexible hoses, and smooth bore tubing allow for easy placement of the arm's hood near the source of the air contaminants. Grab handle all around the hood. Allows rotation of 180 degrees. Second handle for rotation on the tube. Air divertor in hood to increase capture velocity. Heavy duty 360 degree swivel with safety stop. Typical applications for welding, gringding dusts and most airborne dusts, polishing, painting, printing, soldering, chemical applications such as laboratories.  Currently in use.
GoScan50 & Laptop Computer - 2016  PRICE: $25,500
Portable, hand-held 3D scanner with VX Elements software  
Extra pictures: Laptop, GoScan50
Samuel Strapping Systems - SHP 200 NB/SB High Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper - 2004  PRICE: $4,000
Formed #11 gauge steel tower. #50 chain carriage lift. 1/2 HP TEFC, 90V DC carriage lift motor. 1/2" Plate x 60" dia. table and surround. 20" EZ load film carriage, pre-stretch carriage, 90" wrap height. PC controller. Triple beam photo eye to sense load height. Adjustable carriage speed.  Includes extra stock of plastic wrap.  Currently in use.
Exra pictures: BACK, FRONT

Pan Mortar Mill - Good Working Order  $5,500

More views/image/Pan Mortar Mill drum.jpg/image/Pan Mortar Mill side 2.jpg/image/Pan Mortar Mill side.jpg/image/Pan Mortar Mill Plate 2.jpg/image/Pan Mortar Mill Plate 1.jpg